Sparkling wine is called sparkling because of those sweet, delightful little effervescence bubbles which are created by trapping carbon dioxide. Sparkling wine is usually the preferred one for special occasions and celebrations. This is probably attributed to the fact that those tiny little bubbles appear to be having their own fun dancing merrily around in your fluted glass. It is difficult to describe the flavor and texture to someone who has never had the pleasure of tasting and feeling it as it is a complete and delightful amazing mystery to most.

When you first open a bottle, the carbon dioxide aroma instantly fills the air is an experience that you have to both smell and see to believe. Sparkling wine is a true feast for all of your senses, and can instantly make any occasion a special celebration. Drinking it is pleasurable which brings several different nutty flavors to your taste buds. Similar to the beauty and elegance of the finest diamonds, it emits a truly splendid aura and romance that makes it immediately distinguishable.

Champagne is indeed a sparkling wine made from the highest quality of grapes, using the highest quality of processing method created hundreds of years ago. Sparkling wines that are labeled champagne can only come from Champagne a small region in northern France. There is a definite and distinct difference between many sparkling wines and champagne because of both the quality and the processing method used to make champagne is extremely complicated. Today there are many wonderful and nice tasting sparkling wines made by several different reputable wineries from quality grapes using the traditional, champagne-like method.

However, there are some also a wide variety of sparkling wines that are made from poor quality grapes and fermented though quick, bulk processing methods and distributed around the world for quick profits. They tend to be sweeter with additional sugars added in to offset the poor quality in grapes and processing. They are pretty easy to spot as they usually are sold at a much lesser price. They do not reflect the original quality because they are not made using the classic champagne-making process. Some people have commented that champagne gives them headaches; but this could be caused by drinking a cheap bottle of sparkling wine that has been made with poor processing standards.

Sparkling wine was first discovered in France by Dom Perignon, who was a monk in the Champagne region. There are many variations of this story, but it appears true that he actually stumbled upon champagne while performing his duties in the Benedictine Abbey. Initially Dom Perignon’s sparkling wine wasn’t popular at first, but it grew to become very popular over the years and today has grown into a multi-billion dollar business. Dom eventually became the chief wine-maker at the abbey and over the many years, perfected the champagne fermenting process until his death in 1715. Once the French people and others tried this amazing sparkling wine, they became immediate and lasting fans. From then on, it didn’t take long for Dom Perignon to become an important legend to come from the rich and cherished wine-making history of France.

The formula and techniques that Dom used to produce sparkling wine eventually become known as the traditional way of making Champagne, called (Methode Champenoise) which includes a second in-bottle fermentation process. The process is still used throughout the world today, producing some of the best sparkling wines. Even though they may be made in various locations, many are in agreement that the best place remains the Champagne region of France, the original birthplace and the first beginning and introduction to the world. There are many, fabulous sparkling wines that come from this region at surprisingly affordable prices. If you have never tasted a sparkling wine or have never experienced one that you enjoy, try a higher quality or even sample the original Dom Perignon. Buy to a higher standard at a price that you can afford, as the quality varies greatly.

These days, bubbly wine is an essential ingredient for celebrations and events. With most celebrations it is the only one of choice for special occasions. There are many wineries that can manufacture high quality sparkling wines, although many prefer the original and still the best, Dom Perignon. No matter what the future of wine will be sparkling wines will always be a popular choice. It remains the wine that marks celebrations, and helps memorable events come to life. From its truly unique and breathtaking taste to its amazing look and splendid aroma, sparkling wine has the appeal and the flavor to keep people celebrating and enjoying life today and for future generations.