Trump Winery


Photo of the day: Rutherford Hill Winery

Rutherford Hill Winery – A Napa Valley Winery


Photo of the day: Castello d’Amoroso

Castello d’Amoroso,  Napa Valley, California


America 70th Annual Convention & Exposition

The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America 70th Annual Convention & Exposition will be held Sunday, April 28 – Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at Grande Lakes Orlando, Florida….

Vineyards, Napa Valley, California

Photo of the day: Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley, California

Most Expensive Champagne Brands

Top 20 of expensive Champagne brands

Champagne is certainly one of the world’s finest drinks. It fits just about any occasion and a goof number of people use it to because it adds a…


Three wine gift ideas

Regardless of the occasion, there are certain things you can do to make your wine gift even more appealing. Unfortunately, you will not be able to take advantage…


White wine calories

Health conscious individuals are always interested in the caloric content of the foods and beverages they consume. The calories in white wine can vary dependent upon the wine…

The joy of sparkling wines

Sparkling wine is called sparkling because of those sweet, delightful little effervescence bubbles which are created by trapping carbon dioxide. Sparkling wine is usually the preferred one for…


South Africa – word cup 2010 and winemaker’s hopes

The World Cup has proved a boon for South African winemakers, CNN’s David McKenzie reports. Find more videos like this on Original article on CNN


Become a wine expert

It can be amusing sometimes to read the labels on the back of wine bottles… you’ll see wine given some very interesting and amusing descriptions, for example “This…

The biggest wine & spirits show in US

We invite you to attend WSWA’s 67th Annual Convention and Exposition April 6-8, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are continually striving to improve your convention experience and…

Canadian Cabernet Franc

I have been drinking Canadian wine for decades and it has been getting better over the years. But I have never reviewed a Canadian wine until now. You…


Colorado – something other than Napa

When we think of wine, we often think of Napa Valley, the vineyards of Italy, perhaps even certain regions of Chile. Most of us, however, don’t think of…

How to read a wine label

Learn how to read a wine label and discover the valuable information hidden there. This knowledge will make choosing the perfect bottle for any occasion less overwhelming. Since…


What is tannin?

How can you tell if your wine has tannin or not? Well, all wines have tannins, but not all of them contain in the same concentrations. Tannins are…


New Zealand Wine

New Zealand wine is a wine unlike any other due to its climate, soil, and water. New Zealand vineyards are grown in a maritime climate. The sea controls…

Enjoy your wine

How to enjoy wine? The question may seem absurd to some! You just drink it. Well, yes that the basic idea of course. You find a wine you…


Wine tips in restaurants

The drinking of wine is a celebration of life, good food and special company. Learning about wine should also be a pleasure! Let’s talk about ordering wine in…

Fox Brook Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Tasting Note: Medium dark red; aromas of ripe cassis, black cherry and plum, with a hint of leather; dry, full bodied, with ripe black cherry, blueberry, chocolate and…